Sight Installs and Adjustment and why you Pay to have it done.

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While many of us can adjust the sights on a weapon that has adjustable rear sights. Many pistols do not have this setup.
On those with out adjustable sights, the front or rear sight has to be physically moved. Of course a punch and hammer may be used to remove and add or to adjust the sights.
The problem with this method is that damage may result. If replacing old sights with night sights then the problem is compounded. Many low light / night sights have a glass vial that can break under impact of this kind. There are many tools on the market to do this with, the problem is most will only work with one model of pistol.  Many just don't work well at all. The cost of a cheap sight pusher can be well over $100 just for one pistol. Tools that do a great job cost many $100's of dollars and then the shooter has to buy additional items to make the pusher work on multiple guns.

HK usp compact

There is a simple formula for making the adjustments on the weapon.

SR = Sight Radius   x  POI = Point of Impact  Adjustment  / DTT  Distance to Target  =  FSC  Front Sight Change

All of these are in Inches.

Just getting the sights on centered is hard with out just beating the daylights out of your slide and sights. Its surprising how many times I have had someone ask me to look at their pistol. First thing I ask is have you done any thing. They say no. Then after more questions, they tell me , well i had sights put on. Many pistol rail system just will not take a vice being clamped down on them, So the slide is bent and the pistol will not function right any more. I have seen the hell beat out of the slide and the sights. Maybe not the worst that could happen but many of us don't want punch marks all over our hand guns.

Having the sights centered is fine for most people. This means the sights must be on the center line of the slide. For close in shooting on a lager target like a silhouette target this system works well.  This is how most sight system are put on when a good installer does the job.
But, some of us need even a better set up than that.  Each bullet has a different POI. So we adjust the sights for that one specific round. This way when we miss, we know its us, the shooter, and not the gun. At 7 to 10 yards, if not set for the ammo you are going to use it can be quite bad, at 25 yards you can see the change from one type of bullet to the next, and can be in the feet off of center mass. So the right tools are need and the time to do it right.
For pin point shooting,  This is what every shooter should train for.
For this type of set up, I need the ammo the person is going to be shooting, Then we bench the weapon and make sight adjustments till the group is centered. I like to have the shooter do the shooting themself. This can go all the way out to 50 yards. So any thing under that is spot on.

A small charge for piece of mind.