Class: Intro to Pistol Shooting.

 Next class will be posted for the 2017 year.   We are adding CCW classes as requested Next month.

Next Class is TBA
Preregister Now. Cost $75 per student. Class size is limited.
Deposit $25 to hold slot, required.
Mail to
Triad Shooting
P.O. Box 72241
Fort Bragg NC 28307

8 am to 4 pm with lunch break
Equipment supplied by shooter. Pistol of shooters choice, holster, extra mags for autos, 250 rounds of ammo for your pistol. Min. of 50 rounds 22 cal. RF high velocity ammo.
Eye and Ear Pro. Manuel for the handgun you are using. Most can be down loaded from the web.
For the class, a 22 cal. RF pistol will be available for shooters to use if they do not own a 22 cal. hand gun.
Rim fire pistols will be used to identify problems the shooter may have and to help correct them, if needed.
This course is set up for the new to intermediate shooter, who wishes to advance beyond the static target practice.
Basic skills will be covered.
Safety on the range, at home and the car.
Sight picture, sight alignment, stance, trigger control.
Recoil control.
Engaging single and multiple targets. engaging targets from cover. Engaging targets while moving.
Drawing from a holster.
Reloading weapon while engaging targets.
Actions on weapon malfunction.
Field stripping weapon to clean.
Paper and steel targets will be used.
Cost $75 per student.