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The Next shoot is on Sat. May 27, 2017  5 - 7 stages   4th Saturday of Each Month
  Start time is 09 am .   CQB Pistol /Combat Shooting.

Go to match section for scores. 

Tactical Action Pistol (CQB)  Match on the 4th Saturday of the month.

 Start time is 9 am. Safety Brief starts at 0845
Date,  (4th Saturday of each month)  $20

Tactical Action Pistol Fun Shoot
418 Murdock C Rd. Cameron NC
Start time is 9 am.

Bring as much or as little a...mmo as you Like.Shooter should expect plus or minus 20 targets per stage. Some will be double hits. Round count is 150 plus. I suggest more like 250.
I also suggest four 15 round Mags. (CYA)

Any safe pistol and holster may be used. Yes, optics are okay.
This is not a static shoot. Course of fire will have shooting on the move and from different positions. Some stages may be fired more than once.

This is a great way to practice Defensive style shooting. New shooters are welcome. We are there to help if asked, but I believe the best way to learn is by doing.

Weapons are only loaded on the firing line and only when told to do so by the Stage SO.
Weapons must stay in the holster and unloaded with no Mag in the weapon when behind the firing line.

Eye and hearing protection required!
For info, email to
or text 910 494 0209
Just off Fort Bragg on the Spring Lake side.

Suggest shooters bring drinks, snacks, sunscreen, any creature comforts needed.

There will be lots of movement and shooting on the move, firing from different positions.

Be early to get your gear ready